Potential Update

It has been a few months since this project has seen any action. I have been thinking for a bit, and I may have something to show in the very near future (maybe, because I am not sure of this yet, it is not definite). It won't be much at the time, but it will change the way that Pebblet is played (literally). I will be making it into the Pebblet that I wanted to release, but at the time did not know how to do. It will also most likely be released in replacement of this current iteration, however I want to find a way to upload it without deleting the old game (because it is work from a game jam). This means that I will probably upload the next piece of work as a separate project, and consider the release separate from the current version. This also means that any updates will be moved over to that project instead of the current one. The last update for this project will be an announcement of the 'new' project and a link to that.  Here is the link to the original page:


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