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Welcome to 'Present' Arms! The present soldier is ready to fight in the Christmas Conflict, but he is missing something(s). You must present him with some arms (and armaments) so the present solider 'Present Bryan' can present arms! Also, fight as him in the Christmas Conflict yourself, and face off against the ruthless 'Tassle Von Giftwrappen' in the two player minigame! Will you present arms to present arms! You decide! Share your creations on the discussion board!

Also, to learn the controls for the game, press 'h' for help (as it says on screen). The controls for the minigame should be on screen as well before you start. The controls for that game are WASD for Player 1 movement and Spacebar to shoot, and it is the Arrow Keys for Player 2 movement and the 'Enter' Key to shoot. Hope this helps! Also, the little present in the corner of the screen will send you back to the homepage. Thank you for your time!

Developer note: This game was created for the Extra Credits Holiday 2018 Game Jam, and I created it as a solo developer. My idea came from a play on words (more than one play on words as well). It has taken me around 3-4 days to develop this game(hence some limitations like polish or  a variety of sounds, just a 'shot' sound that I made), from rough paper ideas and doodles to implemented sprites and mechanics ( I needed tutorial guidance on two mechanics). 

Also, I am not sure if the shot sound is too quiet or not, I don't have headphones currently (they broke), and I am using speakers to test sounds, and GarageBand on my old iPhone to make the sound.

Thank you for sticking around, and I hope you all have fun with my game! 

- Caleb (LebbyFoxx)

Install instructions

Just open the installer and follow the instructions. If there is any trouble with the installation please feel free to drop a message in the discussion board!


PresentArmsGame.exe 15 MB

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