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It is your day off, so it is time to SEIZE THE DAY! However, the world does not want you to do that right now, and has sent a few distractions and irritations your way. You goal is to not click on the screen at all and watch the time go by. If you try to interact and ruin your day off, YOU LOSE!

Developer note:

This was made for the GJL game jam. It was a quick idea I thought of that I thought was pretty amusing. It is an anti-game where you do nothing! It was swiftly made in GameMaker (with rushed assets) to meet the deadline. I am not the best game artist, but I tried to get this done on time. Enjoy!

-Caleb (LebbyFoxx)

©2020 Caleb Phillips

Install instructions

Just click on the installer and follow the instructions.


CarpeAnnoyemGJDemo.exe 15 MB

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