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Navigate your way through the artery and purify the heart in my new title Kupid Vein! Try not to touch the solid walls, move the clots and find the quickest way to the heart! 

Developer note:

Personal Milestones:

  • Animated Player Sprite
  • Moveable Objects
  • Destroyable Walls
  • Working Timer that carries over to the End Screen.
  • 'Animated' End Screen (sort of).

This game was made as a prototype for the 'My First Game Jam Winter 2019' game jam (second time entering this now, my first entry was Pebblet last year). It took me the span of the jam (basically whatever free time I had) to make the game go from paper to PC. The sprites were made using the in-house Game Maker Studio 2 sprite editor and Aseprite (for the logos mostly). The sounds were made using GarageBand on my iPhone, and overall I had fun making this. I hope you all enjoy and it would be great to hear feedback! Thanks again and stay tuned!

- Caleb (LebbyFoxx)

© 2019 Caleb William Phillips

Install instructions

Download the installer and follow the instructions. If there are any issues please feel free to leave a comment!


KupidVeinGJDemo.exe 15 MB

Development log


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