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An experiment trying to bring vegetables to life goes wrong. The Swede vegetables that you have animated want off of the island, and they will cause problems if they are allowed to roam the earth. This whole operation was a mistake, and now you must buy the world some time by shooting as many living swede vegetables as you can before they can reach Ruta Bay. 

Developer's notes:

To play this game you must use the left click to shoot. The enemies will try to reach the shore (blue rectangle) at the bottom of the screen. You have 5 lives. Each enemy has 1 life except for the large enemies which have 5, so you will need to click on/shoot them more than once.  Every so often a faster small enemy will try to make a break for it towards the shore so be careful!

All art and sounds were made by me, and I only used tutorial help for a couple of mechanics such as adding sound (I think that's it really). I managed to figure out how to get the gun and hand sprite to follow the mouse which was like a small achievement for me!

Previously this game was going to feature enemies that zoomed in on you (as if they were walking towards the screen) but that was not very fun to play (and you also could not tell if you lost a life or not) so the gameplay was changed. Now the enemies travel down the screen instead.  

Thanks for playing and I hope to hear some feedback soon!

- LebbyFoxx

©2019 Caleb William Phillips

Install instructions

Download the zip and extract the files.


SwedeShootGame.zip 2 MB

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