A downloadable game for Windows

Slay Battooes and miners, grab gems and beat the cave, the PinnaCave!

Developer's note:

This game was created for TDEMO Week 2.

I did the programming and level design. Tsz Kin Choi, Ken and Ana did art.

Sounds were made using a website called BeepBox which allows you to create and use free 8-bit music. 

Link to that site:


Numbers: 914162, 919108, 946930, 916356.

The aim of the game is to jump to the end of the room while killing enemies and collecting gems for points. Some gems are worth more than others. When you die choose either the green box to continue or the red one to quit. Try to get/kill everything to obtain the highest score, and try to survive until the end, that's all I can really say. Have fun with this :D


Special thanks to the team.

Progamming and level design: Caleb

Art: Tsz Kin Choi, Ken and Ana.

©2019 Caleb William Phillips/Valiant Sprinters

Install instructions

Just install the exe. It is an installer so it is really straight forward (hopefully).


PinnaCave.exe 15 MB

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